Firstly, I, More Man, have to congratulate all successful leaders who pass the Being More Trip to Shanghai Program. All of you are excellent in passing on your confidence towards Successmore in all dimensions including confidence towards products, opportunities, and self-development, until you can achieve your goaland be ready to travel for celebrating your success in Shanghai
After finishing Being More Trip to Shanghai, there is a new Being More Trip as same as the previous trip started from Korea to Hong Kong and Macau then Japan and Shanghai. For this trip, it is considered as the 5th trip therefore More Man would like to declare officially that we will fulfill our life with “Being More Trip to Maldives” program for this time.
Maldives is the land of the blue sea and many islands that is considered as another dream destination of many people. Most people dream to have an experience in Maldives. More Man would like to fulfill this dream of everyone by presenting the story of Maldives in this issue. Please follow me!
Republic of Maldives is a country that is full with thousand islands located in the Indian Ocean around the equator and 600 kilometers away from the south peninsula of India to the southwest. Most of the populations live on islands and many areas are developed as the luxurious resorts with various stars throughout the sea. With its crystal clear water and white sand beaches plus with the accommodations that can get along well with nature, Maldives become the dream destination of many tourists throughout the world.
Maldives islands are generated by deposition of Maldives’ corals. The distinctiveness of Maldives from other island countries is its islands with various sizes that arrange in the ring shape surrounding the sea causing lagoon or sea in the pathway allowing the flow of the sea. These annular islands are specifically called as Atolls. There are 26 atolls in Maldives arranged from the north to the south with the total length of 823 kilometers and the width of 130 kilometers. The total area of Maldives is 115,300 square meters with 0.331% or 298 square kilometers of land and over 99% as the sea area. There are totally 1,190 islands arranged in the ring shape. There are 250 residential islands while 88 of them are resort islands. It is the smallest country in Asia.
There are around 400,000 populations in Maldives and Maldivians call themselves as Dhivehin. They inherit from transnational marriage between Aryan from the Middle East, Negroid from Africa, Dravidian and Singhalese from the South India and Sri Lanka.


When mentioning all resorts located on atolls of Maldives, it can be said that “ClubMed Kani” is the first resort opened its business in Maldives with the distinctive character of the line of the bungalows arranged in six-pointed star shape over there turquoise sea that becomes the image persistence of Maldives. With various styles of accommodation that are decorated luxuriously but differently, we can choose our rooms upon our satisfaction including Superior Room that is a kind of room located in the beach bungalow with private balcony reaching to the white sand beach, Beach Villa that is the sea view room with facilities for comfort of the guests. Moreover, these rooms are also consisted of the stylish indoor and outdoor bathrooms with private terraces for pleasant relaxation.
However, when mentioning the best of relaxation, we have to say that the Lagoon Suite is the best. This kind of rooms is located at the end of the island that are designed and decorated for more private and luxurious relaxation. Inside each bungalow, a big champagne bottle is available for greeting all guests. Inside this bungalow, it is consisted of a bedroom, living room, and a large bathroom that all parts are opened to see the panoramic view over the Indian Ocean. Moreover, if you want to swim and see fish and corals under the crystal clear water, you are able to climb down from the stairs at your own terrace to the sea immediately as if you have the Indian Ocean as your private swimming pool.
Besides convenience and comfort of the accommodation, the resort areas are considered as another happiness of staying in this resort because it is unnecessary for you to worry about expenses when staying at Club Med. You will have no worry on any additional expense for food or activity. All you have to do are visiting service points that are operated upon each period of the day and having fun with what you see in front of you.
It is not only food and beverage that is offered by Club Med to their guests, they also offer some activities which guests can join with their GOs (Gentle Organizers) or Club med’s staffs who are very friendly. Moreover, all activities are also free
Those activities are water aerobics, pool volleyball, or more active activities that still suit with the sea such as kayaking, sailing. However, since you are already in Maldives, you should not miss diving for enjoying with corals and Manta ray that is the symbol of this area. Accordingly, Club Med plans the tour program for taking guests to snorkel around the island
This is the charming story of Maldives that you should experience once in your life. More Man would like to bless all of you to be successful and achieve the Being more trip to Maldives!