The point collection of Successmore World Experience for Being More Trip in Maldives and Leaders Seminar Trip in the Eastern Europe has already ended.
I, More Man, have to congratulate with all of you who pass the qualifications of point collection and be able to join these trips for celebrating your success. I would like to admire your courage to find some opportunities and value for helping others. You are all diligent, durable, and have never given up to any obstacle until you are able to achieve this goal. I, More Man, would like to tell you that “You are all excellent!”
In this regard, the number of eligible persons for both Maldives and the Eastern Europe trips is higher than all previous trips. There are around 350 persons who are eligible for Maldives trip and around 150 persons who are eligible for the Eastern Europe trip. This means that our growth is successful and our family is getting bigger with higher number of persons who collect miles of travelling for fulfilling their lives.
After finishing point collection of each trip, the next trip will be started continuously as if the endless flowing of water. In this regard, it is the end of point collection of two trips. As promised by More Man to seek for some trips that are new and be able to fulfill Successmore businessmen, I, More Man, would like to officially declare that the next Being More Trip is fulfilling our life on a luxurious cruise, the “Mariner Of The Seas” in Singapore. The next Leaders Seminar Trip is also exciting because we will visit Switzerland that is told word by word as the fairy land. Anyone with no experience with any luxurious cruise should not miss this trip. If you have never been to Switzerland, you should not miss this fulfillment that will become your unforgotten memories.
In this issue, I, More Man, would like to firstly give more explanation of the “Mariner of the Seas” of Being More Trip. I guaranty that it is surely luxurious with all facilities including cuisine, accommodation, and entertainment. “Let’s raise your hand if you want to go!”
The Mariner Of The Seas is a cruise under the Royal Caribbean brand as same as the Allure of the seas that is considered as the world’s largest cruise with the height of 15 floors and the weight of 138,000 tons that is heavier than Tatanic by three times. Its width is 47.25 meters and its length is 306 meters that is longer than a football field by 3 times approximately. It can contain 3,835 passengers approximately and 1,185 crews for providing services. There are 16 passenger lifts on this cruise and we will go abroad this cruise at Mariner Bay Cruise center in Singapore that is a new port for supporting cruises specifically. When arriving the port, we have to check in that is the normal procedure of cruising. Each passenger will receive the Seapass card that is considered as the ID Card for going abroad and keycard for opening the room as well as the credit card for spending on cruise. After passing the security check points and if you are successful to achieve the Diamond level, you will stay in the Balcony room with luxurious decoration and complete facilities plus with a balcony for enjoying with outside atmosphere and the sea. You may have a chance to enjoy with the sunset view from your balcony that is very romantic moment. If you achieve lower positions, you will get the Ocean view with window allowing you to see the sea view but with no balcony for breathing the outside air as the balcony room. There are several highlights of the Mariner Of The Seas starting from the Royal Promenade located on the 5th floor that is the high ceiling hall with the height of 3 floors decorated luxurious as if the 5 star hotel. In this area, there are some glass elevators available for going up and down while enjoying with the beautiful view of this hall. It is also the venue of many performances, for example, parades, dancing, and singing, upon the schedule. This area is also the meeting point where we can meet one another every night because it is the shopping road with many products available for shopping, for example, some souvenir shops, duty free shops, bag shops, watch stores, jewelry shops, brand name shops, cosmetics shops, perfume shops that are cheaper than general shops. You may see one another visit many shops and get many products as well as advise one another to get the best price of each product as if it’s fee as someone said that “Thai people is best at
shopping!” Moreover, if you are Successmore businessmen, you surely earn much money for spending. Some businessmen may spend in cash or via credit card and if the limit of your credit card is not enough, you may ask for eWallet in advance from the company, hahaha. At Royal Promenade, there are also several restaurants and cafes. We should not miss the Cafe Promenade because we can eat some snacks (e.g., pizza, bread, cookies, coffee, and tea) at this café for 24 hours. Moreover, you can also enjoy with some art pictures at the Art Gallery or purchase some photographs taken by the professional photographers at Photo Gallery located on the 3rd floor. It can be said that every facility is provided on this cruise for fulfilling happiness to your life. Anyone prefers exercise; there are basketball court, table tennis, and หน้าผาจำลอง for practicing cliff climbing as well as a small golf course for practicing putting on the 13th floor. There are also the fitness center and aerobic room available on the 11th floor, some treadmills for running in the morning while enjoying with the sea view on the 12th floor, various seizes of swimming pools and a Jacuzzi on the 11th floor allowing everyone to swim and soak in water while taking selfie happily.
For anyone preferring entertainment, there are also 15 clubs and bars available on this cruise located on various floors. Therefore, you can be sure that you will be entertained fully. For anyone like gambling, you are invited to the Casino Royale room located on the 4th floor consisted of many slot machines and games for gambling. Anyway, please be careful. You should not spend all of your money here!
Well, don’t forget about our important matter! It’s eating! On this cruise, there are several restaurants including Johnny Rockets, Giovanni’s Table (Italian food), Chops Grills Steakhouse, and Windjammer Cafe’ on the 11th floor where we have to have our breakfast and lunch here. In this restaurant, there are several buffet menus available for free! There are some restaurants that you can have some meals for free while some restaurants require you to pay for additional expenses with reservation. The restaurant which we can meet one another in every evening is the luxurious restaurant, Rhapsody Dining Room, located on the 3rd floor at the stern of the cruise. You are required to dress with Smart Casual style. Women have to wear short or long dress with proper jewelry while men are required to wear a shirt and suit. You will be very gorgeous in this restaurant. There will be a special night requiring you to dress luxuriously. You have to wear your best dress with best make-up and hairstyle as if you are attending the Success Night Party for walking on the red carpet. For men, you are required to wear tuxedos as well. After having dinner in every night, we will go straight to the Savoy Theater that is the large theater with the capacity of 1,348 seats located on the bow of the cruise covering the 4th and the 5th floor. You will enjoy with performances of many professional performers that can fantasize you every night. In addition, there is also the performance of ice skating available at Studio B located on the 3rd floor upon defined schedule.
When reading to this line, how do you feel excited to fulfill your life on the “Mariner Of The Seas”. If you make the decision to travel with the Successmore leaders in this trip, More Man would like to ask you to attach with this goal, plan your learning, improve your confidence, and have the power to pass on your opportunities and value fully. I, More Man, believe that your name would be recorded as another person who mutually fulfills life in this Being more trip.
In the next issue, we will meet with the stories of Singapore and Penang in Malaysia that are the port cities of the Mariner of the Seas