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For Leaders Seminar Trip to Switzerland Program, the duration of points collection has been passed for 4 months but there are also 9 months left which you are able to overcome this dream trip. For More Man, I personally have visited to Switzerland.for twice in my life. I would like to tell that this country is considered as the most beautiful country of the world. Therefore, I would like to encourage all of you to set your goals seriously to overcome this trip and you will know how the country I said that it is the most beautiful country is. To make you imagine about this country more clearly, I would like to expand the details of Switzerland to all of you in this regard. Please enjoy!


Switzerland is a land that is reputed as the “Roof of Europe” with its official name as Swiss Confederation. It is a small landlocked country located in the Western Europe with the borders next to Germany, France, Italy, and Liechtenstein. Most of its landscape or 70% is mountains with high ranges such as Alp. In addition, there are also several large and small mountains until it is classified as the country with the largest amount of mountains in Europe. The most famous mountains that are also the important attractions are Jungfrau with the height of 4,158 meters, Matterhorn, and Titlis.
Since most of its areas are full of mountains, there is no enough empty space for plantation upon the demands of people in its country. Consequently, Swiss people have to import food and materials from other countries. Switzerland is consisted of several rivers including Rhine River that is considered as one of the most important rivers of Europe with its upstream located on Alp which is located in the south of Switzerland. This river flows through Switzerland to the north and flow through Germany to the North Sea at Rotterdam in Netherland with the length of 1,312 kilometers. Moreover, there are also Rhone River, Tichino River, and Inn River. Its forest is very plentiful inserted along the hills and mountain slopes beautifully. It is consisted of many beautiful flower fields and grass fields for feeding animals. The most outstanding point of this country is that there are many large and small lagoons among mountains that are generated by the depression supporting water flown from ranges giving
the beautiful and picturesque sceneries. Consequently, Switzerland can attract many million tourists to visit again and again. The approximate area of Switzerland is 41,287 square kilometers that is quite smaller than Thailand or around 1 of 12 parts of Thailand. Swiss people love peace and fairness as well as pay respect to the rights of other persons. They are also modest, polite, diligent, economic, and simple. The capital city is Bern and its 5 important cities are Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, and Lucerne. Switzerland has 4 official language including German, French, Italian, and Romance (Ancient Latin). However, they mainly use German and French. Swiss people will speak English in the cities and attractions.
There are 4 seasons in Switzerland including:

Spring (Late March – Mid May)
The average temperature is around 6-13 degrees Celsius. The sun will rise earlier than winter and fall later than winter.

Summer (Late May – Mid September)
 The weather of this period is quite hot to very hot without raining, especially in July and August, that are considered as the hottest periods. The temperature of daytime is around 20-28 degrees Celsius while the temperature of nighttime is around 15-20 degrees Celsius. The duration of daytime during summer is very long up to 13 hours.
Falls (Late September – Mid November) This is the period when leaves turn to be yellow, orange, or red that is considered as the beautiful moment before all leaves will fall down from branches. This period is preferred by many visitors throughout the world because it is beautiful with warm temperature. There may be some raining on some days but the temperature will be around 7-13 degrees Celsius as same as in spring. The duration of daytime also reduces.
Winter (Mid November – Late March)
In this season, the weather is starting to be cold until from mid-December to late January that will be frozen with the average temperature of 3-6 degrees Celsius. However, it may be -10 degrees Celsius on some high ranges. Moreover, there is also some snow in some areas.
This is only the brief story of Switzerland gladly informed by More Man. We will travel to this country in the period that preferred by most tourists throughout the world, i.e., falls, in October 2017. We will have some opportunities to see many colorful leaves throughout Switzerland and More Man will take you to the peak of Jungfrau that is the most beautiful peak of Europe. I would like to bless all of you who wish to join this trip to be successful upon your goals. In the next issue, More Man will study more on some attractions that are the important symbols and highlights of various cities in Switzerland. Please stay tuned.