Active Ingredients

Reduce fine lines 

Lifting – express from Switzerland minimizes the fine lines on the epidermis skin layer

Anti- Wrinkle

Drone peptide from Spain works at nerve cells, called neuropeptide to reduce creases and wrinkles effectively.

Elafin peptide from France decelerates progerin that causes skin deterioration and loss of firmness.


Ornitine lonosome from France functions as lipid cell filler at the deepest skin layer to plump it up, making skin tighter and firmer.


Laminaria saccharina extract from Northern
Atlantic algae helps revive dehydrated skin cells, reduce creases, and keep it moist.

Path2o moisture complex from France retains proper hydration level of skin over the course of the day.


Orchid culture extract from stem cell of dendrobium candidum Korean orchid  nourishes skin and slows down the pre-mature aging signs while brightening skin naturally.

Net weight : 30 ml