1. It keeps the value of healthy coffee with the flavor of fresh coffee that is different from those in the market.
  2. It is a healthy coffee that has the property to control the weight and for beautiful skin from marine fish collagen that can withstand heat up to 120 degrees Celsius.
  3. It does not contain sugar, therefore it is suitable for diabetics and has chromium to adjust blood sugar levels.
  4. It contains Hoodia Extract that reduces appetite.
  5. It contains HCA from the Garcinia family.Helps to feel full and stimulate metabolism.

Active Ingredients

Coffee Powder 3,000 milligrams
Substituted Creme 7,629.5 milligrams
Inulin 1,000 milligrams
Fibers 1,000 milligrams
Collagen Extract from Marine Fish 600 milligrams
White Kidney Bean Extract 200 milligrams
Garcinia Cambogia 200 milligrams
Hoodia 100 milligrams
L- Carnitine L-Tartrate 50 milligrams
Sucralose   20 milligrams
Chromium Amino   0.5 milligrams
Maltodextrin   1,000 milligrams

Pour and stir 1 pack of Nutrinal Coffee in hot water and drink before dinner or anytime demanding refreshing

Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.

Contain 1 box / 10 sachets