• It is effective in relieving or healing Osteoarthritis efficiently.
  • Calcium will be absorbed to bone and teeth directly by 99% for strengthen and maintain strength of bone and teeth.
  • Help to thicken bone mass while reducing bone breaking.
  •  Help to improve calcium absorption to bone.
  • Resist free radicals while helping to generate oxygen and elastin for bone, cartilage bone, and teeth.
  • Able to prevent several diseases caused by destruction of free radicals, for example, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Help to stimulate the growth of cartilage bone.

Active Ingredients

Shark cartilage powder
Calcium amino acid chelate
Magnesium amino acid chelate
Citrus bioflavonoids
Turmeric extract powder
Zinc amino acid chelate

Direction: Take 1 pack per day by pouring in 120-150 milliliters of room temperature water or cool water and stir well for drinking before breakfast.

Warning : Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.

Net Content : 15grams x15packs