It is a concentrate dish cleaner product with pH Balance ingredients helping to protect fabric fibers.

-Polyacrylate helps to prevent dirt from returning to fabric fibers giving only clean and colorful clothes.

-Brightening Agent helps to brighten your clothes.

-Dry Transfer Inhibitor helps to inhibit staining of clothes when washing with washed-out clothes.

– It is cleaner product that is biodegradable.


Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Salt
It is a kind of cleaner with efficiency of oil elimination without releasing any pollution because it is biodegradable.

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
It is a kind of surfactant helping to improve the efficiency of cleaning as well as a kind of blowing agent for cleaning without destroying environment because it is biodegradable.

Methyl Esters Sulphonated
It is a palm extract helping to reduce Anionic Surfactant as well as being efficient in cleaning and biodegradable.

Coconut and corn extracts help to reduce nonionic surfactant with water solubility property and gentleness therefore it is suitable with using as an ingredient of children’s milk bottle and dishes cleaner products because they are free from contamination while being safe for children. In addition, since it is gentle for skin, your hands will not become dry after cleaning anything with this product.

Aloe Vera Extract
It is an Aloe Vera extract that is classified as herb saving as moisturizer helping to keep water in skin cells and plus with the property in protecting skin from irritation and moisture for moistening skin.

Direction:  Mix this product with water for cleaning containers. To clean vegetables and fruits, mix a half of the lid of this dish cleaner in 1.5-2 litters of water and soak vegetables and fruits for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with clean water for serving.

Content:   1,000 milliliters‘”