• It is a concentrate liquid softener product helping to soften your clothes for your comfort while wearing.
  • Good Rewetting Technology helps to absorb sweat and humidity for comfortable wearing.
  • Liquid Layer Enhancer Technology helps to moisten skin when exposing with clothes washed by this softener.
  • Nano Silver helps to eliminate bad odor on clothes caused by bacteria.
  • This product helps to reduce electrostatic on clothes preventing clothes to be blighted.
  • This product is biodegradable.


Dialkylester Ammonium Methosulfate
It is a plant extract helping to soften fabric fibers while reducing electrostatic on clothes preventing clothes to be blighted. Moreover, it also helps to adjust fabric fibers to absorb sweat and humidity as well as able to be biodegradable.

Ester of Fatty Acid Glycerol
It helps to relieve irritation while moistening fabric’s surface.

Nano Silver
It is efficient in sterilizing through Silver Nano particles helping to inhibit metabolism of microorganism, bacteria, and viruses. Consequently, it helps to inhibit and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and microorganism properly while sterilizing bacteria that may be caused by accumulation of sweat on clothes as well as removing bad odor excellently.