Long-lasting cover
protein from Japan Silk is derived from Bombycidae. Small silk protein consists of fibroin uniting with the skin by a biochemical process. This protein is close to the protein found in the human body. It can also absorb water and oil, provide flexibility and moisture. Besides, it adds adhesion to the pigment, making foundation soft, smooth and adhere to facial skin well.

Repair skin cells
Swertia Chirata Extract
Extract from Swertia Chirata of the Himalayas The extract, that wins Silver Award from In-Cosmetics, Spain and wins he ultimate 4- field innovation award, effectively boosts the deep function at skin cell level, helps repair damaged skin cells and strengthen the skin cell structure.

Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom Extract)
Extract from fomes mushroom of Eastern Europe Concentrated substance extracted from the tissue of fomes mushroom helps reduce oiliness and moisturize the skin, resulting in reduced oil production over the skin more than normal. It also helps tighten pores, making pores look smaller and facial skin not look oily.

Dual protection of skin from the sunlight and blue light
Skin protection from UVA and UVB rays By SPF 25 PA +++ and Titanium Dioxide with the properties of Physical Sunscreen able to reflect UV radiation, thus shielding the skin from dangerous UV ray in the sunlight.

From the United States of America: The extract is derived from melanin synthesis of protein tyrosine in plant, helps absorb harmful blue light from the phone screen and the computer screen into the skin, but let useful red light range into the skin. This red light helps to improve the circulatory system, stimulate collagen, smoothen the skin and prevent skin cell degeneration.

Use instructions: Apply cream to the face at 5 points,
including forehead, nose, chin and cheeks on both sides.
Then spread lightly, smoothly over the face.

Net volume 30 Milliliters