long-lasting effect
Long-lasting Powder Foundation to last all day
From Japan: Innovative skin coating of powder particleswith Methyl Hydrogen Polysiloxane, resulting in smooth, soft powder particles and water-proof properties, allowingpowder to stick to the skin well like a layer of film coating the skin. Long-lasting adhesion and no dropof the color, no problem of dull face during the day.

dual oil control
Effective oil control
AND visibly conceals wrinkles

NYLON-12 from France
The structure is like a sponge with lots of internal pores, thus being able to absorb excess oil excreted from the skin, reducing excess oil on the face, resulting in smooth look of facial skin and long-lasting adhesion of cosmetic.

SILICA from Japan
Properties of absorbing excess oil on the face. As a result, facial skin does not look oily, glossy. It is also Light Reflecting
by reflecting light to impact on the skin, thus helping to conceal wrinkles on the skin well. So the skin looks smooth and naturally radiant.

HOW TO USE: Using the sponge applicator,
apply to the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.
Blend all over using gentle downward strokes.

Net volume 8 grams