White Crystalline Powder
Consisted of the property as moisturizer helping to maintain moisture without leaving any excessive oil.
With its light and delicate powder, it is suitable with applying after blending your face with foundation.
This loose powder is consisted of the property in smoothening your skin naturally while controlling excessive oil after applying cosmetics.
You should use loose powder with the same color of your skin and loose powder will make your makeup look more perfect.


  • White Crystalline Powder
  • Daisy Flower Extract helps to brighten your skin and remove dimness.
  • The extract obtained from Korean berry fruits or Omija extract helps to soften, brighten, and moisten your skin.


We are able to apply this loos powder by 2 methods as follows:

1.   Tap a puff on this loose powder and gently press on your face thoroughly. This method will give thick powder that can be enclosed with your face completely therefore your face will look smoother. This method is suitable with applying this loos powder in the morning (for long lasting effect).

2.   Tap a large brush on this loose powder and blend throughout your face. This method will give the most natural look (but still look smooth and radiant).