• Help to reduce accumulation of toxics in gastrointestinal system and blood circulation system.
  • Help to improve body’s immune system.
  • Help to reduce carcinogen in body.
  • Stimulate red blood generation and improve efficiency of red blood.
  • Help to improve efficiency of the function of gastrointestinal system.
  • Help to resist free radicals.
  • Help to reduce LDL level while increasing HDL level.
  • Help to reduce the risk of chronicle diseases, for example, coronary artery diseases.
  • Help to control blood sugar level of patients with diabetes.
  • Help to control weight.
  • Help to nourish skin to be healthy from internal to external beauty.

Active Ingredients

– Sodium Copper Chlorophyll
– Alfalfa extract
– Green tea extract
– Ascorbic acid

Stir 1 pack of Thorolo plus 1 per 500-1000 millimeters of water and it can be drunk as fresh water throughout the day.

Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.