Ingredients and Content of Secondary Nutrients  

Magnesium 0.76%: It is an element of chlorophyll helping to generate energy.

Content of Trace Nutrients

Iron   0.0928%:  It is an element of enzyme in respiration and photosynthesis.

Manganese 0.2626%:       It helps to stimulate water ionization in photosynthesis.

Zinc   0.4917%:     It helps to improve budding in order to enable plants to be durable against cold weather.

Boron  0.1790%:   It plays an important role in protein and carbohydrate synthesis process that is necessary for cell division as well as helping to carrying sugar and growing of pollen.

Molybdenum 0.0035%:   It is an element of Nitrogenase enabling plants to use nitrate increasingly.

Properties of Primary and Trace Nutrients

  1. They are solution for spraying on leaves for immediate absorption enabling plants to gain higher content of nutrients.
  2. They are in the form of chelate helping to prevent reaction among nutrients and improving the efficiency of water solubility of nutrients. In addition, it can be stored for long period without damaging any tissue or plant root.
  3. They improve the growth of plant and help to accumulate nutrients helping to solve the problems of falling flowers and fruits.

Content:  1,000 milliliters