From 21 natural vitamins and minerals, Nutrix Matrix is combined with innovative extraction process with Yeast Culture Technology to produce Chaperone Protein acting like GPS (Guide Protein Supplement) that delivers all vitamins and minerals completely into the body and work at its full performance. As we age, our body is naturally impaired from work stress. Moreover, the increased pollution including cigarette smoke, toxic fumes, radiation from sunlight and others environmental radicals, resulting in the deteriorated body and risks of various diseases. Therefore, the body needs nutrients for restore the performance of the body. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients to restore your health. Another way for creating a balanced body for a long life.

Vitamins and minerals work cooperatively like the gears of a car that drives the wheels to move forward smoothly. If one body function is damaged, cells cannot be completely repaired by themselves. Thus, if you wish our body to function normally, sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants must meet the body needs.