"Successmore" has proved the success of our brand for health lovers that improves people's quality of life. We are pleased to present Mr. Allapach Na Pombhejara (Mickey), Brand Ambassador of ALL PRO Whey Protein and HY PRO Protein meal replacement supplement.

Successmore Being Company Limited (SCM) led by Dr. Sitthawee KriatchawanunChairman of the Executive Board, and Mr. Noppakrit Nithilertvijit, Chief Executive Officer, organized the 19th Success - a magnificent event to celebrate the success of the top performing leaders qualified for this prestigious awards ceremony under the slogan “The Next Level of Success”. To empower the brand for health lover that upgrades people’s quality of life and encourage others to take care of their health.

Dr. Sitthawee KriatchawanunChairman of the Executive Board of Successmore Being Public Company Limited (SCM), leading dietary supplement business and consumer products in an integrated healthcare. “Successmore continues to grow as to deliver value that enhances health and wellbeing of people by creating a society of health lovers. We focus on preventing at the root cause of diseases, rather than healing at the end of the cause. That is, nutrition therapy helps balance and promote better health.

Preventing risks of diseases with nutrition therapy is an innovative science that meets today’s lifestyles. Particularly in the ‘New Normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic that people become more active to take care of their health, the new trend of clean and organic diet is increasingly popular. However, it is not simple to obtain sufficient nutrients and minerals to meet the body's needs due to the time limitation in our daily’s life, family and work stress, and other factors.

Successmore, as a leader in the dietary supplement business, supports healthcare through a careful selection of high-quality ingredients for ALL PRO Whey Protein and HY PRO Protein Supplements to meet the needs of consumers at all ages and genders. Inevitably, protein is an essential source of energy that our body needs to repair the body structure. To meet the daily need, protein intake in grams must be at least, equal to body weight in kilograms. For example, if one weights 50 kilograms, protein intake must be at least 50 grams. For those who exercise regularly, protein intake must up to 1.5 -2.0 times higher than normal intake, depending on the body structure, types of sports as recommended by nutrition experts.

ALL PRO products are pure Whey Protein, containing Hydro-Protein Whey and Whey Protein Isolate derived from a specific manufacturing process to produce smaller molecules so that the body can absorb immediately after taking. One sachet of ALL PRO provides protein up to 30 grams with 180 calories to help strengthen muscles, maintain muscle mass. Also, BCAA, an amino acid helps the body reduces post-workout fatigue, plus PRO PEPTIDE that can stimulate protein synthesis to build muscle mass during and after intense exercise. ALL PRO is rich in nutrients and vitamins to support body’s functions as well.

HY PRO is obtained from 4 types of plants, providing high plant-based protein as if taking real meat, but more easily absorbed into cells. It contains 9 amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 7 minerals, plus essential dietary fiber, with no allergens, making it suitable for health lovers. For those who control the weight, HY PRO contains only 106 calories.

ALL PRO is served in two flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla while HY PRO is served in the most popular flavour: Strawberry."

Mr. Noppakrit Nithilertvijit, Chief Executive Officer, made a speech regarding the selection of Brand Ambassadors for ALL PRO and HY PRO. “The Company has appointed Mr. Allapach Na Pombhejara (Mickey), as Brand Ambassadors because Mickey represents a health expert having long experience in nutrition and exercise. Apart from his unique and charismatic character, Mickey has worked with Successmore in the BODi Design Challenge project. He himself has used ALL PRO and HY PRO products under the BODi Design Set challenge and impressed by the results of the product that could make his nutrition and exercise routine easier.

The company has committed to building a society of healthy lovers or Wellness & Well-being by promoting healthcare support projects, BODi Design Challenge, the Lean Body Project of the Year that encourage people to start workout, body weight training to get body in shape while maintaining the muscle strength together and keeping on healthy diet consumption. We have trailed several activities to be more personalized and suitable for various groups.

SCM League Youth Football Program has been clearly seen as a sport event that could improve one’s quality of life e.g., building teamworking, practicing to gain various skills, and controlling the emotional state during the competition. They have opportunity to learn how to restore feeling of ups and down during the game to achieve their ultimate goal.

Football is a sport that must be managed and led by a coach. Through organizing a football league, we found certain philosophy to be applied in developing people's quality of life which is consistent with our company’s goal. To improve people's wellbeing as well as health development has always been our priorities.

After all these activities, SCM has been has been consistently moving towards and recognized as the brand that truly returns value to the society enhancing quality of life, health and well-being of the people.

A good life is comprised of good health, good heart and spirit, and good exercise. Although we cannot delay our time of life, at least we can remain strong and shine in good shape. Our good physical health leads to our brilliant mental health, from the inside out. That is why those sport players or exercise lovers have inspiration and confidence in their daily activities. Pushing others to start workout is like paving their success path. So, I would like to take this opportunity to inspire you all to start taking care of yourself which is the precious asset you ever have by doing exercise. Your body is your brain!, Mr. Noppakrit Nithilertvijit, Chief Executive Officer, said.

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